M. Weisman Roofing Company, Inc.


After wind damage to our roof we contacted the M. Weisman roofing company to find out about replacement.
Their estimator spent a good deal of time inspecting what had to be done and then explained to us in laymen’s terms what was needed and what our options were. The home, because of its location, had some complications that had to be considered and some other roofing companies actually declined the job because of them.
They showed us samples of the different roofing they used and we made our choice. Work was scheduled to begin when there was a few days of good weather forecast and the materials and crew showed up on time to begin the job. The team was organized, quick, and very efficient. Every evening the crew cleaned up thoroughly, including a sweep of the driveway area with a large magnet to pick up any stray nails.
We were totally satisfied with their work and would highly recommend them to anyone.
– Herb Obodda

M. Weisman Roofing did an excellent job on my roof. They went above and beyond from beginning to end. The crew worked fast and was extremely neat. I highly recommend M. Weisman Roofing.
-Samantha Scoppetto

Could not be more pleased with Weisman Roofing. I called on a Saturday, knowing they weren’t open until Monday and not expecting to hear back from them until then, and received a call back on Sunday anyway, setting up an appointment for the next day or day after; my choice. My husband and I called over six other companies (over a span on three weeks) prior to calling Weisman, and no one called us back after leaving messages. This was only to set up an appointment to come see the leak in the roof. They showed up to take a look around the roof and determined where the leak was coming from and fixed it right then and there. Very professional. Would highly recommend them to anyone else that needs repairs done.
-Samantha Faucher

We are very pleased with our results
– Joseph Settipane

I called Weisman Roofing after I noticed a leak happening at the top of our bay window where a copper awning sits. Not only did they send someone out right before the next rain storm but they also saved us from future water damage just in time. Bob was an expert in diagnosing where the leak was coming from and used a professional grade caulk at the joints of the copper. He didn’t even charge us. Next rainstorm came and no water in the house! I know we will need to replace the copper awning very soon and I very much look forward to Weisman Roofing doing it for us. Their promptness, professionalism, and kindness sets them apart.
-Renee Charlton

They’ve been through a few transitions as I believe Mr. Weisman is moving out of the business. They went through a stretch of not honoring my warranty and doing some very poor repairs when held to it and even trying to bill me for it. However, over the last few months, they’ve been much more responsive and attentive to resolving problems properly. I think they’ve improved considerably and would consider recommending them, particularly for unusual or more challenging roof work.
-John Evans

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