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24/7 Emergency Repair Service



If your roof is leaking now, we will find the leak and stop it for you.

  • Our emergency repair service specialists are on call 24/7.
  • We have the experience and expertise to find and stop leaks in a commercial roofing system.
  • We are experienced with all roofing system types.
  • We can patch the membrane, metal or slate for you and make your roofing system water tight again.

The exterior location of a leak in flat and low-slope systems usually does not coincide with the location of interior leak evidence or damage. By the time water finds it way through the layers of the roof, the insulation, the roof deck and interior ceiling, it has traveled some distance from its entry point into the building.

Rooftop leaks can originate with HVAC units, vents, drains, or skylights or from damage to the roofing system caused by:

  • aging of the materials used,
  • unsupervised or unprotected roof traffic,
  • wind, snow or rain damage,
  • chemical pollutants,
  • standing water problems,
  • ultra violet radiation from the sun,
  • and even damage from prior unskilled attempts to repair the roof.

We have the experience to recognize these issues and track leaks quickly.

Please be ready to provide us with roof access information. We will help you find some peace of mind.

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