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Weisman Roof Management Problems

satellite dish

Satellite Dish Installation
This weighty concrete anchor placed over a single ply membrane impedes the flexible membrane's ability to expand and contract as the temperature rises and falls. Eventually this results in cracks in the membrane which allow water into the underlying roof structure, insulation and building interior. Proper installation requires a pad to be placed between the concrete and the roofing membrane.


roof penetration

Flexible Roof Membrane Penetration (Chalk-Circled)
This is typical of damage caused by unregulated rooftop traffic. Over time the freeze/thaw cycle will expand the size of this penetration. Water enters here, is absorbed by the underlying roof structure and insulation, and eventually finds its way into the building interior.
Wet insulation increases the building's energy consumption.
the concrete and the roofing membrane.


roof flashing

Missing Metal Flashing Trim Joint
Most likely the freeze/thaw cycle was the cause of loosening this missing metal trim joint. Water can enter here, then freeze and thaw breaking the seal between the metal flashing and the underlying parapet wall. Then it can find an entry into the roof structure and building interior.


roof seam

Seams between Two Different Roof Installations
Here the uneven lap between flashing below and membrane above will allow water to get beneath the roof membrane and create a leak through subsequent freeze/thaw cycles.


roof penetrations

new roof

Roof Penetrations
Any roof penetration can be the source of a leak. Here a deteriorated flange (top) for deflecting water from the base of
an exhaust pipe has been repaired (bottom).


pitch pockets

Pitch Pockets
On one hand pitch pockets on a flat roof are a good idea because they group problematic roof penetrations together. But, on the other hand they need to be constantly monitored for cracks in the adhesive used to waterproof their openings.



Roof Edge Gutters
Roof edge gutters can quickly cause leaks from backed-up water ponding on a flat roof's surface then finding entry into the building interior.


wall penetrations

Wall Penetrations above the Roofline
Vertical wall penetrations above flat or low slope roofing systems are frequently left unattended. Weisman recently sealed the edges of this vent as part of a routine roofing inspection and maintenance.


roof penetrations

Resealing Roof Penetrations
This two-pipe roof penetration was recently sealed to maintain its
watertight integrity.


drain scupper

Trees Overhanging Roof
A drain scupper has been blocked by leaves from a tree overhanging this roofing system.


old roof

Neglected Pitch Pocket
Here the original sealant in the pitch pocket around a pipe roof penetration has shrunk allowing water to pool. Application of a modern sealant would fix this problem.



Attempted Copper Theft
The high price of copper brings out scavengers. Sheet copper
used as flashing has been ripped from a roof penetration.


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